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Welcome to Happy Sprouts 


Holistic care for your growing sprouts! Our children are unique and require warm, compassionate, and individualized care to support their physical and emotional development. At Happy Sprouts, your growing youngsters and teens will have tenderhearted care driven by a holistic and integrative-centered approach.

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About Us

Children in the Garden
Children in the Garden

Happy Sprouts is dedicated to improving your experience of healthcare. Conventional medicine does not consider all aspects of your child's health needs, is often rushed, and is focused primarily on disease and disease treatment. 


At Happy Sprouts, however, focus will be on the evaluation of your entire child, including development, behaviors (including sleep, diet, exercise) stress, and social connectedness. Being a small practice with emphasis on quality, time is taken to get to know you and answer questions, and to engage families in their own healthcare.

Services We Offer

Happy Children

Comprehensive Well-Child Exam 

Scheduled at regular intervals, the well child check is a thorough examination and opportunity to get to know you, your child, and monitor their growth and development! We will discuss milestone achievement and what to expect as your sprout continues to flourish. Your child's medical history and any current concerns will also be addressed. Let's see how big you are!

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Sick Visit

Sniffles, rash, ache or illness? Sometimes you need an expert opinion! This may include rapid strep tests, flu tests, urine tests, cauterization of umbilical stumps, suture removal and asthma management.

Snuggly Siblings

Newborn Care

Sensitive evaluation of your sweet new bundle of joy! Includes breastfeeding, pumping, and formula feeding support/education, anticipatory guidance, and close management of your baby during his or her first year of life. 

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Adolescent Medicine

Primary care for your pre-teen and teenage sprouts! This is the opportune time to discuss their individual concerns, accomplishments, and goals. Some topics of discussion include body and hormonal changes, acne, social activities and behaviors, eating habits or concerns, weight changes, mental health, headaches and abdominal distress, intimacy and reproductive concerns, addiction, among others!

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Chronic Concerns

Happy Sprouts is excited to combine natural and allopathic methods in treating and/or corroborating care for a number of common childhood concerns, including ADHD, Anxiety, Asthma,  Autism, Constipation, Developmental Delays, Eczema/Allergies, and Weight Concerns or Metabolic Syndrome.

Illustrated Plant
Illustrated Plant
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