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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Fee-for-Service?

Because health and wellness care should not be complicated. No two children are the same, and Happy Sprouts was founded on the belief that children need greater individualized care.


Fee-for-Service allows for longer visit times, ensuring a more thorough visit. Happy Sprouts is pleased to provide you with the personalized healthcare your family deserves!

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Do you offer immunizations?

Happy Sprouts supports a parent's right to informed consent. Colleen is comfortable thoroughly discussing each immunization offered, so parents are empowered in their children's healthcare and are confident in their immunization plan. Immunizations are not included with your visit fee and are not available in office at this time.

Why would I pay 'extra' for a visit with Happy Sprouts when I already have health insurance?

Health insurance is not health care. At Happy Sprouts, we believe that health insurance often stands in the way of quality, personalized care. Happy Sprouts was created with the goal to transform the traditional office visit to a more individualized and convenient health care experience for you and your family. 

Health insurance is still recommended for emergency care and helps cover those unexpected costs such as hospitalization or referrals to specialists. 

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